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Homework exercises

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Date assigned Description Due date
Th Jan 24Exercise Set 1A
Th Jan 24Exercise Set 1B
Th Jan 24Exercise Set 1C
Tu Jan 29Exercise Set 2A
Tu Jan 29Exercise Set 2B
Tu Jan 29Credit Exercises 1.1Th Feb 14
Th Jan 31Exercise Sets 2C / 3A
Th Jan 31Exercise Set 3B
Th Jan 31Exercise Set 3C
Tu Feb 5Exercise Set 4A
Tu Feb 5Exercise Set 4B
Tu Feb 5Credit Exercises 1.2Th Feb 14
Th Feb 7Exercise Set 4C
Th Feb 7Exercise Set 4D
Tu Feb 12Credit Exercises 1.3Th Feb 14
Tu Feb 12Practice Exam 1
Th Feb 21Exercise Set 5B
Tu Feb 26Exercise Set 5C
Tu Feb 26Credit Exercises 2.1Tu Mar 26
Th Feb 28Exercise Set 5D
Tu Mar 5Exercise Set 5E
Tu Mar 5Exercise Set 5F
Tu Mar 5Credit Exercises 2.2Tu Mar 26
Th Mar 7Exercise Set 5G
Tu Mar 19Exercise Set 5H
Tu Mar 19Credit Exercises 2.3Tu Mar 26
Th Mar 21Practice Exam 2
Th Mar 28Exercise Set 6A
Th Mar 28Exercise Set 6B
Th Mar 28Exercise Set 6C
Th Mar 28Exercise Set 6D
Tu Apr 2Exercise Set 6E
Tu Apr 2Exercise Set 6F
Tu Apr 2Exercise Set 6G
Tu Apr 2Exercise Set 6H
Tu Apr 2Credit Exercises 3.1Th Apr 25
Th Apr 4Exercise Set 7A
Th Apr 4Exercise Set 7B
Th Apr 4Exercise Set 7C
Th Apr 4Exercise Set 7D
Tu Apr 9Exercise Set 8A
Tu Apr 9Exercise Set 8B
Tu Apr 9Credit Exercises 3.2Th Apr 25
Th Apr 11Exercise Set 8C
Th Apr 11Exercise Set 8D
Tu Apr 16Exercise Set 8E
Tu Apr 16Exercise Set 8F
Th Apr 18Exercise Set 8G
Th Apr 18Exercise Set 8H
Th Apr 18Credit Exercises 3.3Th Apr 25
Tu Apr 23Practice Exam 3
Tu Apr 30Credit Exercises 3.4Fr May 3

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